Mission Staff

God has faithfully provided committed capable leadership and staff. Currently serving are the following people:

Zuni Christian Reformed Church Council

Tim Eisenga - Elder

Frank Stark - Elder

Nina Chimoni - Deacon

Marian Roskamp - Deacon

Jo Panteah - Deacon

Carmichael Kylestewa - Deacon

Zuni Christian Reformed Church Staff

Rev. Mike Meekhof - Pastor

Pastor Roger Scarbro - Youth Leader

Tim Eisenga - Discipleship Leader

Marian Roskamp  - Bookkeeper

Zuni Christian Mission School Committee

Nina Chimoni - President

Sharon Murphy - Vice President

Darla Lee - Member

Viola Peina - Member

Zuni Christian Mission School Staff

Tim Becksvoort - Principal/Physical Education

Joy Burmeister - Development Officer

Ardy Meekhof - Kindergarten

Michelle Becksvoort  - 1st/2nd grade 

Ruth Lynch - 3rd/4th grade, Music

Natasha Natewa - 5th grade, Physical Education

Emily Veenstra - Language Arts 6th-8th

Chelsea Eisenga - Math 6th-8th

Laura Van Someren - Science 6th-8th, Music 

William Kuster - Social Studies 6th-8th, Bible 6th-7th, Physical Education

Karen Poncho - Educational Assistant

Andy Newell - School counselor

Roger Scarbro  - 8th Bible teacher

Autumn Newell - 4th/8th Art teacher

Josephine Panteah - Secretary

Marian Roskamp - Bookkeeper

Quecho Lesansee - Custodian


Remedial Reading teacher under Federal Programs, Title I

Our work today rests on the shoulders of many dedicated servants of God. If you have a query or information about someone who has served at Zuni Mission in the past please contact us.