Capital Campaign & Building Program

The Building Program:
Foundations of Faith - Faces of Promise

Zuni Christian Reformed Mission is engaged in an exciting faith-building venture.  In 2010, after many years of planning and preparation, the mission embarked on a landmark capital project to completely reconfigure and reconstruct the buildings that house the Zuni Christian Reformed Church and Zuni Christian Mission School.  What an adventure it has been!


The beautiful school on the main campus was completed in September 2012. During this final phase of construction, our spacious school is shared by both church and school.  


Two duplexes, residences for mission staff, were built at of Blackrock on another small parcel of land leased from the Zuni Tribe.  The first duplex was completed in January 2013 and the second in September 2014.

Duplex I

duplex II        

Now, after a two-year delay awaiting a building permit from the Zuni Tribal authorities, we have begun the final building phase.  This phase includes:

gym/ministry center housing the gym, church sanctuary, church offices, community spaces and kitchen


staff housing: a parsonage and triplex


playground and parking lot

Playground Parking

Like all the ministries of Zuni Christian Reformed Mission, the building program is God’s work entrusted to His people. Many have prayed; many have given counsel and encouragement; many have given generously of their financial resources. We welcome your continued support. These are exciting times!

There are three ways you can participate:

· Prayer. From the very inception of the rebuilding idea, we have marveled at God’s provision of resources—people, funding and materials. God has honored the prayers of his faithful people.

· Financial contribution. This is the only major capital campaign that the Zuni Christian Reformed Mission has undertaken. Previous building projects were done when the mission was under the auspices of Christian Reformed Home Mission. Now we have experienced the generosity of God through his people.  The school and staff housing were completed without debt at a cost of $3.8M ($700k under the budgeted cost of $4.5M).

The cost for the remaining construction is $5.8M.  Of this amount, $4.8M has been received or pledged.  This is an amazing provision of God.  As we seek the remaining $1M, we invite you to be among those who give.


Please note that a $250,000 Matching Grant has been offered for contributions made before Easter 2015.  The blessing of your gift will be doubled.

· Volunteer labor. Our facility includes buildings for school, church and community activities. Since home ownership on the reservation is not an option for non-Zuni staff and rental housing is limited, the campus also includes residences for staff. Murphy Builders, a contractor from Gallup, NM, built the school and is contracted to build the gym/ministry enter.  Construction volunteers assisted with the building of the first two staff residences.  We anticipate being able to use more construction volunteers in the building of the triplex and parsonage. We invite those who have building expertise to be among those who volunteer.

As we complete the rebuilding of the campus, we pray that the buildings will be a visible reminder to the Zuni people that they are God’s dearly loved people and that they will be drawn by God’s Spirit inside the buildings where Grace-filled Truth is proclaimed and lived.

Background to the building project

On April 17, 1971, fire completely destroyed the Mission’s primary building that contained classrooms, church sanctuary and staff residences. The facilities were partially rebuilt in 1972 and four portable units and two modular homes were moved onto the campus to serve as “temporary” classrooms and housing.  For 40+ years, these aging and deteriorating portable units continued to serve as the primary facilities for the school. The quickly constructed main building with space for the gym/auditorium/church, library, and offices for church and school had also outlived utility. Similarly, the parsonage built in 1914 and another residence built in 1925 were old and deteriorating. Operational and maintenance costs for the facilities had grown cost prohibitive and the limited space restricted the initiation of any new church, school or community programs.

Zuni new buildingZuni Burned BuildingsZuni portable buildings

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