6th and 7th Grade

Welcome to the 6th and 7th grade classroom!


We are in our 4th year working together as co-teachers with Chelsea Eisenga teaching math and Bible and Rachel Smith teaching language arts, spelling, and reading.  We enjoy the opportunity to teach part-time so Chelsea can be home with her children Caleb and Adriel and Rachel can be with her daughters Olivia and Molly part-time.

Our class is made up of 16 students:  seven 6th graders and eleven 7th graders.  Several of our students started their education at ZCMS in kindergarten.  This year, we added three brand new students to our class.  

Throughout the year, 6th and 7th students are challenged to learn and take more responsibility in many ways:

  • Getting their school and homework finished each night
  • Home reading of 150 minutes each week
  • Using a money class system by which students earn and use money for different classroom tasks and behavior
  • Learning to choose right actions that will benefit themselves socially, physically, mentally, and spiritually